Kermas Sub-Orbital Space Tourism Vehicle

This is the first of the Kermas family of small space vehicles.

As L Aerospace needs money to fund the development, the first model available to the public is the Sub-Orbital, aimed to space tourism.

Capable to take-of and land from (almost) any airport, the launching costs are sensibly lower than the competition that needs a carrier vessel or rocket to do the same job.

Aiming to give the cheapest sub-orbital experience possible, this vessel can bring joy to eight kourageous tourists for a few minutes of enjoyment at the verge of the Space.

This was the maiden flight, yet with disposable boosters, to met the deadlines agreed as rewards for the first eight funders. Recoverable and reusable boosters are under stronger development and we aim to recover and reuse them on the very next flight.

For the lowest operational costs possible, Kermas is able to takeoff and land using its turbofan engine for ferrying between airports for flight profiles to far destinations - at least for the first leg. Logistics for the needed supply chain of boosters and spare parts can make the endeavour too expensive for a small scale entrepreneurship.