KAX and Open Cockpits on KSp 1.9.1

So, I did another run on KSP 1.9.1, but this time using KAX and Open Cockpits - yeah, I'm wetting my feet slowly, Add'On by Add'On. :)

However, this time the glitches are starting to get on my nerves. Problems on Symmetry on editing parts on VAB/SPH are annoying, but survivable (you just set things twice). Glitches on the Map where you need to select a Node in order to KSP "remember" to load all the Manoeuvring Nodes (instead of remembering them as you load the Map Scene) are annoying, but finding and clicking on a Node on entering the Map is not the worst thing that happened to me on this game.

But Symmetry glitches on the Control Surfaces on craft spawn are near unbearable - every time I spawn a craft, need to revise all the controls to make sure nothing got the deployment inverted (pretty nasty on flaps).

There's also a new glitch (at least for me): something is forcing the "Control from Here" to be set to the wrong part! I had to force the "Control from Here" on the Stage action, otherwise I would had to fix it manually every time too.

On the other hand, once these bugs are manually fixed (or "gambiarrados"), the thing is working fine, I had some fun on it.

Published on Forum, craft available on Kerbal-X and also here.