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Lasciate ogne speranza, voi ch'intrate

ModuleManager is a mod that let you write patches that edit other parts at load time.

This is Lisias' fork for Module Manager, and it's intended to bring functionality and performant improvements to ModuleManager - with great to moderate success being achieved toward these goals (most of the time!), as well others not mentioned here.

Backwards compatibility is guaranteed - including functional bugs on Module Manager - Forum. MM/L's patching output will be always the same as Module Manager - Forum, salvo new (and optional) features when not present on Module Manager - Forum.

Development for this fork is ongoing and, as such, subject to some screw ups now and then. AVOID Pre Releases unless you are willing to help me debug this thing (check for Pre Release markings before downloading).

Please, DO NOT submit bug reports/issues to the References (see the bottom of this document), as this is an EXPERIMENTAL/WIP version of ModuleManger - Forum being developed in parallel and separately from the Forum version.

Necessarily, MM/L will receive no support from the maintainers of ModuleManger - Forum, as well from some 3rd parties that may choose to support ModuleManger - Forum only. Some others (and myself), on the other hand, will actively support MM/L. Check your add'ons documentation (or politely ask us directly) for more information.

Please, DO submit bug reports/issues to the links depicted on the next section of this document disregarding if you think it's a problem on this fork or not. If the bug is on the upstream's releases, the report will be applied to it as well with any fixes - but I can't guarantee the pull requests will be accepted!

In a Hurry


ModuleManager is mod that let you write patch file that edit other part at load time. With is you can edit squad (and other mod) part without overwriting their file.


To install, place the GameData folder inside your Kerbal Space Program folder. If asked to overwrite files, please do so.




This work is licensed as follows:

Previous releases remain licensed under the CC-BY-SA 4.0. Additionally, check this statement from CC.

Please note the copyrights and trademarks in NOTICE