L Aerospace KSP Division

We are the L Aerospace KSP Division - a new small company trying to venture into the Aerospace business without being blown up in the process.

We came from nowhere and we don't know where we're going - but we know how to fly to there. We still have some landing surviving issues (we are working on that), but we offer an excellent life insurance for our workers and clients!

Our goal is to offer services on all the Solar System (and beyond), but currently we are focusing on getting our feet out of the ground: we are developing and selling parts and aircrafts specially tailored for operation support for civilian and (if we manage to do not kill all our customers) military Space Agencies.

If everything else fails, we always can sell subsidised crafts to our adversaries and let them kill themselves.

Join us. We're (mysteriously) always hiring.


Our products are certified for working perfectly (or at least without killing the user!) on KSP 1.4.1 and newer.

Supporting KSP 1.3.1 (or previous) is not presently on the company's plans, but we welcome partnerships on that. Keep in touch with our Research & Development Center.


We are contracting life insurance, burial services and mental health services for supporting our staff. Proposals to be sent to the Company CEO' email with the subject [CONTRACTOR].