daVilland Comet 4

This beauty is tricky to fly. Has lots of thrust, but it's heavy as hell.

Don't takeoff with full tanks - you don't need the extra fuel (this behemoth can fly for 12 hours!), and you will loose the ability to balance the craft on flight. You will need to do heavy fuel management on her.

Use take-of flaps (9) for taking off, don't rotate under 70m/s - she will fly, but you will have a bad time keeping her on the air. Watch the tail, don't let it hit the tarmac. Raise the flaps as soon as you can, they induce drag.

Use landing flaps (8) for landing. Be cautious to avoid stalling. She don't have thrust reversers, you will rely only on wheel and air brakes to stop her. Watch the vertical speed, the landing gears don't withhold too much abuse.

Once you balance the fuel, she's pretty stable and a delight to fly - SAS can handle her easily.

Don't climb faster than 10 ~m/s - you will stall for sure. Watch the airspeed, slightly lower the nose as it starts to drop. The ideal climbing airspeed is near 140 m/s, a bit less is ok. The vertical speed will drop due this, just take the hit and keep going. The initial cruise altitude is 6500 meters high. As you loose weight by burning fuel, you will be able to safely climb higher.

She will warn you when you are near her operational limits - she will start to slightly oscillate to left and to right. Drop slightly the speed if in level flight, or drop the nose if climbing (watch your vertical speed!).

Overall, she behaves near a real jet of that era - faster than pistons, but sluggish and heavy. And gas guzzlers.