Leduc 0.21 Mark 0 (for KSP 1.7.3)

This is one of the more insane and kerbal real life airplanes ever!

A Ramjet experimental airplane meant to cruise at Mach 2, projected and executed by Rene Leduc (France). The cockpit is installed on the feacking air intake!!! Good luck ejecting! :P (Jebediah loves it!)

The first iterations needed to be launch from a airplane carrier (yeah, I will do them next Week End!)!

I tried hard to use KSP 1.8.1 for this one, but a lot of Add'Ons I wanted to use are not working well enough yet (if it works at all, being compiled or not to KSP 1.8) - I need to like what I'm doing, and I was not liking what I was getting on KSP 1.8 (besides the plane itself flying well).

So I gave up. I don't need to move all my gaming to KSP 1.8.1, I can play with 1.7.3 too. :)

She is still far from perfection.

The cockpit is still too big, so I had to scale up the rest of the craft. The original cockpit is about 0.650 on KSP scale, not to mention it's a gorgeous of a tiny cockpit.

The 0.2 interactions had an auxiliary jet engine for taking off and speeding up until the ramjet kicks, but the Whiplash is multimodal and so I didn't (yet) shoved a Juno on it.

The intake is not passive, it's a XM-800 with turbo compressor. O should had used the AeroSpike but this intake is the one that accepts a stack attachment ahead (and also fits nicely on the Structural Fuselage!). Yet something else to try to fix on the next Mark.

Since the whole craft was scale up to match the (too big) cockpit, this things performs impressively. You will reach Mach 3 (and perhaps 4, if you are - or not! - cautious on the envelope) at 20K high.

Fuel is limited, however.

On KerbalX.