L Aerospace KSP/Pirat\^wUnofficial Research Division

The Unofficial Initiative is an ongoing effort to Restore and Preserve traditional and/or buggy/incomplete/don't-work-like-I-want add-ons independently of being actively developed or not. The main criteria is just something I use that is broken (for me) somehow, but some other historical plugins/add-ons are being included too.

I do not claim, under any circumstance, ownership, maintenance and/or copyright for any work under this repository. The full copyright and ownership remains to the original owners/maintainers, and those are correctly indicated on each repository.

Not all works are licensed under permissive terms. Some few grants you only the right to fork the project into your own machine and on github, and you must rely on the original package for further rights.

The Rule of Thumb is: I'm doing it for myself. Fell free to use it too if you want as long the licensing terms allow it, but that's all.

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Rules of engagement