Things are not going well. Kerbin is dying. (why? TBD: How about a spin-off from Camwise Logs?)

Kerbalkind must colonise another world or perish. L Aerospace are fully committed into saving Kerbalkind from extinction - there's no one left available (why? TDB).


The Interplanetary travels will be fueled by Karburundum and Hydrogen mainly. Fuel/Oxidizer for everything else. This is not Near Future, Kerbin cannot wait, Kerbals must act now.

Economics are a mess. Money has little to no value when you don't have a future. Kerbin will built and launch the WhaleSharks and give any support they can, but ultimately the planet will be dead. (When? TBD: how about 50 to 100 years?)

The Plan

Kerbin: Research, Exploration and Harvesting

Kerbin must explore and harvest anything left on the planet. Such resources will be needed in order to build the extra-planetary vessels.

The WhaleShark Mk0 Flying Airport will have direct support from the Kerbin's cities and Space Centers. She doesn't have to be autonomous.

Eve: Exploration and Harvesting

Eve is dull and harsh. A full scale colonization is improbable, but should be attempt nevertheless.

However, WhaleShark Mk1 Flying City's Primary Mission is to harvest for resources, allowing Kerbin to build, launch and support Laythe's colonization. She needs to be autonomous, but not self-sufficient: Kerbin will directly support her to the extend of Kerbin's resources.

Mk1 should be able to sustain flying and ground vessels, but doesn't need to be able to built them on the short term. But must be able to mine and to build mining facilities on the ground.

Her long but narrow airborne airstrip will handle small planetary airplanes and SSTOs. She must be able to launch probes and cargo-lifters to Low Eve Orbit using parts sent from Kerbin. In exchange, she will send to Kerbin most of the resources she harvests (at least, until there's someone on Kerbin to receive them), reserving some to build local facilities.

The Secondary Mission is to Research and eventually build Flying Cities around Kerbin on the habitable altitude (see Habitabiloty of Venus).

Laythe: The New Home

Layhte is cold, but it's the only planet besides Kerbin with oxygen in the atmosphere - so it's the only place that can withhold a full civilization once Kerbin is no more.

WhaleShark Mk2 Flying Space Center must be 100% autonomous - no much help can be expected from Kerbin on the long run. She must be able to build and launch her own airplanes and SSTOs with her small VAB and SPH, as well to be able to launch into Laythe's Low and High Orbits, and to build ground facilities. Ultimately interplanetary vessels must be also built and supported.

Mk2's initial mission will be mining and harvesting, but once a reliable flux of resources are stablished, she will start to build a new Civilization.

Her long airstrip should be able to handle small and medium planetary and extra-planetary vessels, the later being able to reach Kerbin and Eve.

Once Kerbin is too weak, it's up to Laythe to find a way to support Kerbin in order to keep Eve running. Ultimately, Laythe must find a way to directly support Eve themselves.

Human Resources

Ship's Facilities