CKAN is not supported

Long history made short, not me (Lisias) neither zer0Kerbal are supporting CKAN installations anymore.

This doesn't means you are on your own, TweakScale (and anything me and zer0Kerbal publish) ARE SUPPORTED, so any problems you get while using them will be diagnosed and fixed.

But I will not handle problems created by CKAN itself, as that horrible breakage that happens when CKAN mess up things and renders TweakScale unusable (most of them are caused by KSP itself, but yet…). These problems are time consuming to diagnose and fix, and I'm barely have time to support my own add'ons these days, I need to adjust my workload somehow.

So, if TweakScale (or anything else published by me or zer0Kerbal) was working and then you ran CKAN and it stopped working, this is a CKAN issue and you should ask help to the CKAN guys. I can help if I have time available, but absolutely no promises I will ever be able to respond a post about.

If TweakScale is misbehaving, or is issuing Warnings or Errors about Parts, then this is something related to TweakScale and I will gladly help you on whatever I can to have your problem fixed.

Related to TweakScale, that it's a hell of a big mouth, as a Rule of Thumb:

The reasons can be found here.

Any questions and support requests on CKAN managed KSP instalments should be handled by CKAN themselves from now on.

Click here to file a bug report or ask for support when things go South after using CKAN.

Edited on 2023/08/01