Downloading KSP Demo 1.0

For some reason beyound me, Squad is ashamed from KSP Demo 1.0. What's a shame :D as it was exactly the KSP Demo than convinced me to buy the game at first place!

Geez... If this old demo is this much fun, how much fun would the updated, full featured version?

And so, after 3 months exploiting every possibility I could using the Demo, I gone for the retail. No regrets.

So, in my humble opinion, KSP Demo should be available to the public, and besides on a convoluted way, it is. On Steam. :)

Pre conditions

  1. You must have a valid Steam Account.
    1. Create yours here, if needed.
  2. You must have Steam Client installed.
    1. Download it here.
  3. You must have a Web Browser installed.
    1. And an Operating System too, but I'm just being picky now. :D

Step by step

1. Open Steam Client in Console mode

Open your favorite browser, and type steam://nav/console on the URL text box:

URL text box

And, of course, hit the ENTER key. ;)

Some (good) browsers will ask you for a confirmation:

Browser Confirmation

Your mileage will vary. The examples are using MacOS and Safari. I recommend you click Yes or Allow or something. Things tends to work better when you allow them to work. :D

2. Type a command on the Steam's Console

You must have the following Window opened on your screen by now:

Steam Console Window

On the text box indicated by the previous image, type one of the commands below (depending of the host operating system you intend to run KSP Demo!):

And ENTER (of course). I had to type letter by letter, the copy and paste for some reason didn't worked for me! :D

3. Wait for the download

There will be no feedback until it finishes (or when something wrong happens). You just have to wait until something is printed on the Console. Please be patient and wait to avoid sending inadvertently an abort command or to pollute the screen, making harder to spot the results.

The picture below shows me downloading the OSX version:

Console screen with results

This will download the "raw depot" for the game into your machine. Pay attention on the console, when finished it will print the directory where it downloaded the thingy on the machine (see the picture above).

Now you can move the folder to where you want it.

Final Considerations

I want to bring your attention to what follows:


Also please note:

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