KB-36 PiecesMaker PAX

Entry for the Jumbo Jet Category:

To takeoff:

  1. Push parking breaks at Launch.
  2. Close hatches (both of them).
  3. Stage - ignite the proppellers
    1. wait about 10 seconds
  4. Stage - ignite the jets.
    1. wait about 5 seconds
  5. Full Throttle
  6. When the airplane starts to move, release breaks
  7. At 10 m/s, activate Flaps (0)
  8. Rotate at 50 m/s
  9. Keep a positive vertical speed of 5 m/s steady. Full throttle. Gears up.
  10. At 300 meters high, retract flaps (0). Keep full throttle.
  11. Climb at 5 m/s vspeed until cruising altitude
  12. At cruising altitude, turn off jets (9) to save fuel
  13. Aim to keep the airspeed at cruising speed
    1. Keep full throttle while the plane is too heavy to keep the cruising speed.
    2. Down throttle as fuel is consumed and the plane gets lighter to keep an airspeed at the cruising speed.


For maximum autonomy, the ideal altitude is the one in which you keep the airspeed at 100m/s and pitch at 0°.

As the plane is getting lighter you will notice she will drop the nose below the horizon to keep the altitude steady. Climb until the pitch is 0° to correct it.

If you are using mechjeb, just set the airspeed to 100, the pitch to 0° and let mechjeb do the rest.

To land:

Avoid landing with fuel on the external tanks. If an unplanned landing is to be executed, eject the external fuel tanks still with fuel on the sea or above not inhabited land.

Emergency Procedures

NEVER engage breaks while flying. NEVER !!

Propeller engine failure

Jet engine failure

Multiple engine failure


If you face the harsh decision to ditch the plane on a body of water:

Crash landing