Kermas Sub-Orbital Space Tourism Vehicle :: Fully Recoverable Boosters

Rescue Brigate Committee - Report

Following the events reported in the Spacecraft Accident Report where our Spacecraft Kermas/SOSTV-01 suffered a major accident, it was realized that our hardware, protocols and manuals were insufficient to handle an accident with surviving Kerbals.

Given the KAA and the Public Opinion scrutinising the Company and how we are handling the crisis, we have no choice but to spare no expense on a rush to acquired and deploy all the necessary hardware to fulfill the following requirements:

  1. Rescue, alive, all the passengers and crew before the SOSTV-01's reserve power supply depletes, rendering the living conditions on the wreckage awful - with terrible consequences for our Public Image.
    • Yes, we must do it this week.
  2. Recover the SOSTV-01 wreckage
  3. Bring them to KSP main facilities

KAA were also adamantine on the zero tolerance to new Warnings and FATALs on the environment, as well any additional impact on the performance.

Given the current time constraints, it was decided to reduce the scope of the search for materials and parts to long term maintained (or with a low record of known incompatibilities) and already used (to leverage the experience) parts from suppliers we already had business with (subject to immediate disponibility).

The suppliers elected are:

  • Infernal Robotics Next, Infernal Active Struts and IR Sequencer.
    • We have years of experience on using Infernal Robotics. Leveraging this know-how is the most sensible thing to do. The Next series are known have fixed and updated the needed parts to work reliably on the crash site's environment, KSP 1.7.3 .
  • KAS
    • The lack of experience with newer options added to the urgency of the situation make this option the most viable, besides overkill for the task.
  • The Maritime Pack
    • Besides somewhat outdated, the parts are still being openly distributed besides the Supplier being unreachable for some time now. Preliminary tests confirms that the parts, besides the glitches, will satisfy the needs of this endeavour with less effort and time, as parts the competition, currently in stock, are known to cause **FATALities** on our most important Module.
    • There's no choice but to acquire these new parts, as trying to fix the parts currently in stock for the Target Environment will demand a time we don't have.

An additional problem to be solved is the current lack of shipyards on the current environment! Negotiations with KSC's CEO stalled, as he refuses to allow new constructions on the KSC vicinity due safety, performance and budget reasons.

The restrictions ruled out Kerbal Konstructs, what by its turn rules out Kerbin Side, Kerbin Side Remastered and Water Launch Sites.

The KAA's zero tolerance for glitches ruled out old partners on our supply chain for maritime parts and arbitrary launching mechanisms.

We are currently reevaluating our options. In the mean time, we had ordered the commissioning of L Aerospace's ERRV Rescue One. The vessel is currently on the SPH for updating the hardware for wreckage salvage.

Given the current situation, the Rescue Brigade Committee recommend that the recovering of the debris requested by the KAA be realized on a second mission to be planned later.