MDK-11 Mk0 Maiden Flight

Today is a very special day for L/Aerospace! Our first Regional Jet Airliner, able to transport 18 Kerbals and ~3 tons of cargo, had her maiden flight with crew and some happy and kourageous tourists, winners of the MDK-11 Maiden Flight Promotion (Life Insurance included!).

Flight with us for a trip of luxury and jet fighter performance!

This luxurious and expensive aircraft is targeted to the emergent élitized adventure tourism market, in expansion in the last years thanks to economical growth and the scientific advances pioneered by Kerbal Space Program, now made available for the free Entrepreneurs willing to venture into niche markets while the technologies are still too expensive for the mass market.

The vessel specifications are still undisclosed, to be available on the end of the Promotional Flight (hey, we need to test the thing first, right?).

Economical versions with cheaper and/or fewer engines will be available soon.