Hydrofoil on KSP 1.9.1

The (almost) very same craft behaved absurdly differently on KSP 1.9.1, what again confirms my original thesis that it's plain impossible to import a reasonable complex KSP < 1.8 game into current KSP. it just doesn't worth the trouble, things changed too much on essential, primordial behaviours on the game to the point I consider migrating savegames from KSP < 1.8 a liability. So I will just won't..

I'm currently reevaluating my options. There are real value on KSP >= 1.8, better graphics and faster physics. And some new cute and usefull parts. But none of it worths my savegames, I'm playing them for 2 years for a reason.

My verdict is that KSP 1.9.1 is almost good enough for newcomers (the glitches are annoying!), as long they stay away from the water and don't mind (too much) airplanes. Anything that splashes down will behave in an absurd way, harming the game if you enjoy KSP by what it is (was?) - a physic simulation with some resemblance with real physics.

On the bottom line? I'll handle KSP >= 1.8 to keep my Add'On working and supporting them, but my gaming will remain on 1.7.3 .