KSP Loading Screen Contest

This is my entry for the KSP Loading Screen Contest.

I do not expect that this low resolution image would find its way into the LoadingScreen - as a matter of fact, I intend to hack my installments to include it for me, and this is good enough.

But.. As much as the contestants here have really, really impressive work (and I meant it!), this screenshot of one of my first challenges is what resumes the KSP experience for me. :P

I'm very fond of it. :)


Brigadier General Yeager in 2000
Public Domain.
Source: Wikipedia.

Kebediah Kerman
Kerbal Space Program Loading Screen / Wall paper..
Copyright Take2 Interactive, Squad.
Source: Steam Trading Cards

Good Landing
Copyright 2018, 2019 LisiasT.
Source: L Aerospace KSP Division Site.