Mk1 Boarding Hatch && Civilian Cockpit Internal View

I added a proper internal Space for the Boarding Hatch, and changed a bit the Cockpit one.

One thing I made wrong on the Boarding Hatch is the side of the hatch itself. Usually, the boarding hatch is on the Starport (left) of the Airplane, but I put it on the Port (right). I was creadint a ground vehicle at the time, and didn'y realized the mistake. Well, I can cook another part later. :)

The Civilian Cockpit lost the orbital props, and earned another jump seat. In the furure, it will be converter to a Flight Engineer Workstation (due the requirements for some novels of mine). I have no plans to add a second pilot, as it will make the Cockpit space terribly cluttered - long range flights are expect to have a AutoPilot module, under the care of the Flight Engineer.