Kerley Rotodyne :: A Serenity (Breaking Ground) experiment for TweakScale

However... There're some work to do.

Without Unbreakable Joints, the mini Junos on the blade tips flies away due stress over the structural tube making it to explode.

But using any strut (being the Autostruts or the EAS part) on the blade summon the Rage the Krakens on the craft.

The Rage was also happening by its own, yesterday night, while my rig was compiling the World (port update outdated) on another account, so I'm pretty sure this is about the physics engine being stressed on my Mac Potato, and a better machine could handle it fine. Being this the case, it's not a problem on the scaling itself (but I probably will need a behaviour for the blades, to reinforce the joints...)

This is something to be tested as soon as I install the SSD on the new rig (still waiting for the 2nd HDD adaptor for the MacMini).