TweakScake on KSP 1.3.1 Test Case

KSC is facing a shortage of parts for new crafts and maintenance of the current ones due the ongoing global supply chain crisis, and the increasing P/R events scheduling the Fab Four to raise funds is pushing the current fleet beyound its safety margins.

With Dr von Kerman terribly busy on repurposing available parts to compensate the shortage and Bill away of the Engineering due the preps for the talks, Gene reluctantly charged Jeb with the task to design and built a new small commuting airplane so the First Crew could attend the events without risks.

The only constrain was the parts themselves, only the simplest and older parts available on stock could be used as the scarce newer ones are reserved for the Missions - Kraken knows when the current crisis will be solved!

"Gene, we have some of these KSP 1.3.x era parts available on the warehouse - they are pretty dated, but they still kick SAS. I can build something cheap and really fast if we could use TweakScale, I heard that Doc Wernher had recently pulled it out of Experimental for 1.3. What do you say?"

"Sounds good, Jeb, but the 'really fast' part of the stunt worries me a bit. Please remember this is a commuting vehicle, not an interceptor or fighter!"

"Trust me, Gene, I know what I'm doing!", said Jeb grinning from ear to ear, and finished already turning his back and rushing into the Engineering with "What could possibly go wrong?". And then vanished yelling "GUS!!! GUS!! We have some fun ahead!!! Bring the snacks!!!"

"Famous last words", sighted Gene. "Kraken help us, Jeb is on the Engineering..." was his thoughts while walking into Mortimer's office to check the insurances...


9 - Flaps (on canards)
B - Breaks and aero-breaks - dont use them on low altitude without the flaps!
G - Gears, as usual
1 - Toggle the Engine.

She is somewhat sluggish on take-off, but once on flight, she is a demon.

Caution on landing, the small main gears make her unforgivable on unstabilized landings - check your roll!


Crafe file here, and on Kerbal-X.