Kramax Autopilot /L

Kramax Autopilot is a course guidance and auto-land for spaceplanes.

This is Lisias' fork for Kramax Autopilot.

In a Hurry


The original author some day started flying spaceplanes in Kerbal and discovered he could never land them successfully. His keyboard flying skills were sub-par. This despite him being an instrumented rated pilot of real planes.

He found a very good autopilot mod by Crzyrndm called "Pilot Assistant". But it did not have any course following abilities. He had taken the source code for Pilot Assistant and heavily modified it to add course guidance (both horizontal and vertical) so that it can autoland a spaceplane on the KSC runway. Many thanks to Crzyrndm -- this mod would never have happened without the excellent starting point. Note that he did not keep all the capabilities of Pilot Assistant -- he was very focused on auto-landing and things that were not really needed for that were omitted.

Flight plans can be loaded from configuration files located in the GameData folder. There is currently no capability to create new flight plans on the fly within the game, but you can edit the GameData/KramaxAutoPilot/FlightPlans.cfg file and add flight plans that way. Look at GameData/KramaxAutoPilot/DefaultFlightPlans.cfg for the format of the flight plans. The "Refresh" button on the flight plan load/save dialog will reload from that file so you do not have to restart the game every time you change a flight plan.

Basic Instructions

You can use the autopilot to depart from KSC runway 09 as well as land on it. Here is a basic flight using the autopilot. You start lined up on KSC RW09.




To install, place the GameData folder inside your Kerbal Space Program folder.




This plugin is a heavily modified version of "Pilot Assistant" by Crzyrndm ( At least half (if not more) of the code is his. Many thanks as to him, as this would never have been possible without it.

In addition, Kramer drew heavily on algorithms for calculating great circle routes from Many thanks for that information.


This work is licensed under the CC BY-NC-SA 4.0:

This work is a derivative of "Kramax Autopiot" by Kramer that was distributed under the same license., that is a derivative of "Pilot Assistant" by Crzyrndm that was also distributed under the very same license.

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