How to check TweakScale (and any other Add'On) KSP Compatibility on CurseForge

On the CurseForge main page for the Add'On, on this link for TweakScale, you will get something like this

CurseForge TweakScale Main Page

You will find the latest KSP version supported by the releases on this page, as this detail shows:

Max KSP version supported detail

On the Files link (in yellow above), you can get the listing of every release for the Add'On. TweakScale, at the present time, has these ones:

Current Releases for an Add'On

In Green the place where the latest KSP Version is supported, as well a counter telling how many KSP versions the release supports. Yep, you had read right - TweakScale supports 13 KSP Versions on the same binary (1.7.3 plus 12).

In Yellow, more links that will lead you to the Details page of the Release, with detailed :) information about it:

Detailed Informtion for a Release Release

At least TweakScale provides a very detailed Change Log too, explaining what had changed and advising any precautions you should have while updating.

Scale Safe!!! :)