Vulture Flying Wind /L

I was watching some Cupcake Landers videos (I miss them already) when I came to his Vulture Flying Wind.

It performs very well. :)

So I wonder how good it would be such design for some stunts of mine, all of them in need to good low part solutions for the airframe. Then I toyed with the concept a bit, and so I realized this would be a nice excuse to a long due Kerbin Airborne Circumnavigation Quest.

Not exactly a challenge nowadays, but I never did that properly, so...

This thing flies surprisingly well. And this cockpit made the journey a delight to eyes - I just leaved KSP running on the second monitor while I was doing something else (not possible while working, as I use another account - disclaimer in the case my boss is around!)

It's now the working horse for some designs of mine, to be published soon. Until there, it was also used on a test drive to a Around Kerbin trip, in preparatino to some challenge I'm willing to do.

KerbalX file. Local Mirror

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