Module Manager Watch Dog :: Known Issues

So, you just got a Houston and ended up here, right?

You Got a Houston!

Well, you got bitten in the arse by a messed up installation, not rarely due how KSP handles Assembly loading.

This is a troubleshooting list to help you on fixing your instalment.

Known detectable problems

If you need help about how to fix your system, drop me a message on Forum or send me a email using the address support at lisias dot net . Please add "KSP:ModuleManagerWatchDog" as the subject of the email, or my email filter will not detect your email and I may miss it.

There're more than one MM Watch Dog on this KSP instalment!

Well, somehow you managed to have installed more than one copy of this tool itself!

Check GameData/ for DLLs with the name "ModuleManagerWatchDog" on it and delete all of them - but the newest one.

"There's no Module Manager on this KSP instalment!"

Oukey, you need to install Module Manager! :) See the "How-To" below.

"There're more than one Module Manager on this KSP instalment!"

Unfortunately, from KSP 1.8.0 and above a fatal bug is affecting Module Manager when more then one MM dll is installed on your system, what renders Module Manager choosing to use the oldest version to be used. This caused some problems to TweakScale at least once.

There's no other solution available but to manually DELETE all redundant copies of Module Manager, leaving only one on the GameData.

This was diagnosed on TweakScale's thread.

"There're conflicting Module Manager versions on your instalment!"

From KSP 1.12.0 and forward, multiple assemblies with the same name are not a problem anymore, as KSP will elect the Assembly with the biggest FILEVERSION and ignore the others. However, this had the side effect of preventing this tool to easily detect when more than one copy of Module Manager is present - what is a problem if you choose to experiment with the /L Experimental fork.

So, if you got this message, you installed MM /L Experimental and also the Canonical MM, and this is hairy to say the least.

Please choose one fork and remove the other(s).

How-To Install Module Manager

You have two options, each one with advantages and drawbacks.

Option I : Module Manager /L Experimental

This is my personal fork of Module Manager, aiming to fix some non functional bugs while keeping compatibility with the original Module Manager.

If you are willing to risk your SAS, you can downloaded it from my github:

Option II : Official Module Manager

Obviously, you can use the Official Module Manager from Forum.

To download it, go to Forum.