Watch Dog for Scale Redist dll :: Known Issues

This is a troubleshooting list to help you on fixing your installment.

If you need further help, please visit Forum's TweakScale Thread.

Alternatively, you can reach the TweakScale's General Support Issue if you have a Github account and prefer using it.

Known detectable problems

There're more than one Scale Redist Watch Dog on this KSP installment!

Well, somehow you managed to have installed more than one copy of this tool itself!

Check GameData/ for DLLs with the name WatchDogForScaleRedist on it and delete all of them - but the one inside GameData/ModuleManagerWatchDog/.

"There's no Scale Redist dll on this KSP installment, besides you having installed known DLL(s) that need it"

When installing Add'Ons CurseForge Installer the 999_Scale_Redist.dll is not automatically installed on your GameData by limitations of the tool. Also, when installing it manually, it's pretty common to forget to install this file.

In a way or another, you need to download manually the zip package and manually copy it into your GameData, that must so be similar to this:

Hierarchy View

Flat View

Or, if you are a terminal freak :P :

Terminal Freak Friendly

The file 999_Scale_Redist.dll is not expected to change anytime soon - in fact, it is the same for years already - so you are going to do it only once per installment.

You can leave it there even by uninstalling the add'ons that need it, as it's inert when not in use.

"There're more than one Scale Redist dll on this KSP installment!"

Unfortunately, from KSP 1.8.0 and above a potential fatal bug is affecting every DLL when more than one copy if it is installed on your system, causing many troubles from using older, buggy versions of such DLL to hanging KSP itself.

In the past, it was usual that every Add'On that depends on it had it embedded (what's less than ideal anyway, as this impacts performance on KSP due how C# runtime works), and so if you have these oldies installed you will be bitten for sure.

Another possibility is just a mishap while installing add'ons - it happens, I wrote the WatchDog tool exactly to help me to prevent doing that myself! ;)

To fix this there's no other solution available but to manually DELETE all redundant copies of the DLL, leaving only the one on the GameData/.

See the "How I fix this?" Section below to, well, see how to fix it! :)

"Scale Redist dll must be directly on GameData (and not inside any subfolder) and should be named 999_Scale_Redist.dll"

Another measure to prevent problems at runtime on KSP (due the reasons explained on the sections above) is to make sure that the 999_Scale_Redist.dll is not only placed exactly on your GameData, but it's also named exactly as specified. This ended up being important on KSP 1.12.x that changed significatively how DLL are loaded on startup, what made harder to detect misplaced DLLs.

If by some reason you (or something else) accidentally renamed or moved this file, you will get this error.

"There can be only one"!! :) And it's picky about how you call it. :D

See the "How I fix this?" Section below to, well, see how to fix it! :)

How I fix this???

***Work in Progress ***