Oh, dear...

You give them an inch, they'll take a yard. Resist.

This is sick. Poor girl (pretty one, by the way - she deserve better too).

Long history made short: a bastard that was involved with the Retro Computing fiasco called Vega+ and jumped out before the thing had gone trough the tubes took the money and bought a lot of British RetroComputing related material - from games to manuals. And know are copyright trolling people on the Net.

Octav1us Kitten was victim of this guy. She is pretty shaken up, poor kid - she was not up to this challenge. Not sure if I would, by the way.

The channel will probably go down soon, but I will link them anyway for future reference:

I was told she did very nice videos about the Retro Computing Scene, by the way.

The bastard filed a copyright strike on her videos even for things that she did before he had bought the material, by the way - what's plain Copyright Trolling Modus Operandi, is exactly this way they earn their money.

And this bastard is doing that with the money he got from the Vega+ Crowdfunding, by Jesus Christ! :(

(Europe is going down, dude... GDPR was only the first strike...)

Let's see if this shit will get into KSP...