What the hell? Again?

You give them an inch, they'll take a yard. Resist.

I'm appalled. I just get this on my feed on the Forum today.

I will be simple and straight to the point: one bastard try a stunt like that on my times on the Open Source groups, and he would not only be expelled from the group, but also got his career seriously compromised. He would not get a job from anyone that had one of the members of the group on their professional network. SIMPLE LIKE THAT

Frankly, I fail to understand how a Company, after 10 years of heavy investment on development and P/R efforts, allows a bastard to bluntly backmail their users like this. People not willing to play by the rules should play something else, by Fuck's Sake, and not publicly blackmailing the Company, that what this idiot ended up doing on their own freaking Community Site.

You don't want to do Open Source, don't do Open Source - but then you don't have the benefits of doing Open Source. This bastard? He wants to collect on the Open Source without giving the counterpart.

And the Company are not only allowing, but apparently, indulging him. He and more others, as it appears.

I hope KSP2 would have this things better sorted out. God knows the P/R nightmare it would be if some bastard do a copyright strike on a KSP user as it was done to that Ocatav1us girl.