What the hell?

You give them an inch, they'll take a yard. Resist.

So this guy acuses me for being tacky due "using a copyrighted file of him" without the due "respect".

Things are... I don't have the slightest idea if this is really his - it probably is. However, the freaking guy had published the thing using the MIT, by Jesus Christ. And the freaking file doesn't have the smallest clue about who is the author.

I'm not (too much) dumb, I'm pretty sure I took the file from a MIT or "Do What the Fuck you Want" licensed project, by the way. And this could be from him, but also could be from anyone else - he licensed the file under the MIT, damnit. Anyone can do whatever he/she wants.

And I had no means to know who in hell had written that file, with different people having it on their repos.

Doing the needed research (after all, it was a copyright claim, he made it very clear by mentioning the licenses), I discovered he had pushed this very same file into other people's repositories - without the proper attributions, virtually "infecting" the repositories.

Do you know what? This is Copyright Trolling. Plain simple. I don't know what this guy really wants, but whatever it is, it's not cool doing what he does.


And my official answer to that:

Unfortunatelly, the guy didn't took the hint and insisted - trying to make a victim from himself. Had I any doubt on the issue, I have no more.

My first answer was not the best possible, I let him drove me off. My bad.

At least, I realized it soon enough and fixed it. Driving people away is what those guys do in order to accomplish what they want. I need to keep my temper under control. :)

This is not an issue anymore. :)


A (hopefully) final word on the matter. Directed to a kind "intelectual adversary" :) that made a generous offer that I could not accept due this mess.