KSPe :: Known Issues

So, you just got a Houston and ended up here, right?

You Got a Houston!

Well, this is a troubleshooting list to help you on fixing your instalment.

Known detectable problems

If you need help about how to fix your system, drop me a message on Forum or send me a email using the address support at lisias dot net . Please add "KSP:KSPe" as the subject of the email, or my email filter will not detect your email and I may miss it.

There're more than one KSPe.InstallChecker on this KSP instalment!

Somehow you managed to have installed more than one copy of this tool itself!

Check GameData/ for DLLs with the name "KSPe.InstallChecker.dll" on it and delete all of them - but the one inside the directory GameData/000_KSPe/.

"A deprecated release of KSPe was found!!"

Hey, you was using KSPe for some time! Thank you for your support!

What happened is that KSPe, on its initial times, was incepted as a companion for the outdated but still useful KSPAPIExcentions. However it outgrew it by a mile, and so it became a full blown library an its own right.

From v2.5, I decided to rename the installation directory to prevent confusion as I'm going to publish the thing on the mainstream, and it happened that when you installed the newest KSPe 2.5 or newer, it found some oldies left behind.

Delete <your-ksp-root>/GameData/000_KSPAPIExcentions and you will be fine!