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So something decided to pesky you about errors and you are at lost? Well, usually there's a reason for that, and this page will try to help you on solving it - or at least pinpoint you to a place where someone (usually me) will be able to help you!

A Major Screw-Up of Mine

Well, I really screwed the pooch on this one. If you got a message like this one:


than you need to manually delete the following file from your KSP's GameData:


Then reinstall Modular Management (or just KSPe) and fire up KSP again.

The reason you need to do that is because when I wrote the auto-updater, I forgot a pretty important detail about how Windows handles files, and ended up writing code that works only on Linux and MacOS. The newest releases (hopefully) fix he problem, this is probably (hopefully?) the only time you will ever see this one.

Deprecated Release of KSPe

If you got this Dialog from KSP-Recall:


It means that you still have a pretty old, deprecated release of KSPe from the times I was still calling it KSPAPIExtensions. The original KSPAPIExtensions ended up being a tiny subcomponent from KSPe, to a point I decided to rename it to prevent confusion.

In order to recover from this error, fully delete the following directory:


Unless you, by some reason beyound me, install again this pretty old and deprecated version, you should not see this message again.

Show Stopper Alert Box

Any other message means something really serious happened, and there's little to no chance that you can solve it by yourself - unless you are an experienced user (or developer!).

The best thing you can do by now is to click "OK", that will so close KSP and open this very page you are reading now (so chances are that you did exactly that!).

See the bottom of this page for links about where to reach me for help!

Really, really seek help from me or anyone I pinpoint as my replacement - there're people around (unfortunately somewhat famous) spreading bad information that will end up screwing your savegames on the long run.

Something else

Some Errors are severe enough to deserve a dedicated page. The current known ones are:

Where to reach me

Check the Contact page.