KSP 1.11.0 broke a lot of old add'ons

Intro to the rant

Unfortunately, KSP 1.11.0 introduced a misbehaviour on launching crafts using some old parts that rendered Impossible Innovations (and many others, as Firespitter) near impossible to use.

It's a glitch on launching the vessel, everything suddenly blows up due overheat. A LOT OF OVERHEAT. At launch. On the KSP's airstrip. With the craft, obviously, at rest.

Using World Stabiliser does not helps, even by using cheats. Weird enough, spawning vessels with Vessel Mover works. Once the craft is spawned by Vessel Mover and placed on the ground, everything works fine again.

I wonder it's something not being initialised on the Scene change on the physics engine - otherwise, using Vessel Mover would not had "fixed" this.  

In a way or another, I can't "release" Impossible Innovations on KSP 1.11.0 until I have a viable solution or at least a decent workaround for this. :(

Check the next chapters for graphical evidences.

(to be continued)