KSP 1.11.0 broke a lot of old add'ons

A FIX! (hopefully)

I managed to build a fix! :)

But I still don't know if I broke something on the process, neither if what it's being done is overkill - perhaps a simpler fix is possible.

But by now, it appears to be working.

Link to Forum.

There're a lot more to be done yet. The 1 sec delay on launch apparently may not be enough for everybody, and shoving the ChillingOut module on everything and the kitchen's sink is taxing the CPU somewhat.

Some more work need to be done to tackle this one down. To tell you the true, the fix is so simple that perhaps a fix using Module Manager is possible!

Check the development branch KNOWN ISSUES for more information (I'm not pushing this to the main stream for while).


This screenshot gives proof that the vessel is being launched by KSP itself (see the Elapsed Mission Time)

The following ones were made after I VesselMoved it into the water (the wheels are not working yet)

Impossible Innovations

Again, proof of being launched by KSP (see the Elapsed Mission Time)

And some screenshots with the thing taking off and flying.