Kermas Sub-Orbital Space Tourism Vehicle :: Fully Recoverable Boosters

Spacecraft Accident Report


A Kermas Sub-Orbital Space Tourism Vehicle, currently in development by L Aerospace, also the only operator, and identified by Kermas/SOSTV-01, suffered a major incident at KSC, Year 1, Day 7, 00:10:35 UGT (Universal Game Time).

The purpose of the flight was to transport tourists above Kerbin's Karman Line, into the verge of the Sideral Space, for a few minutes of amusement and joy. Departure from KSC was at 00:09 UTG.

When the spacecraft took off and tried to keep level flight in preparation for the main boosters ignition, the spacecraft dived violently into the sea, severing large parts of the vessel.

The spacecraft occupants were

  • two crew:
    • Pilot Dioly Kerman ,
    • Copilot Leadrin Kerman ;
  • and eight passengers:
    • Tamara Kerman ,
    • Huddrin Kerman ,
    • Ellbart Kerman ,
    • Angas Kerman ,
    • Tedvis Kerman ,
    • Hanfrey Kerman ,
    • Lageremone Kerman and
    • Kaema Kerman.

No pants had survived, besides the Kerbals themselves having got through with minor scratches or bruises. And some smell.

The spacecraft suffered considerable damages, losing engines and thrusters and the totality of the external attachments, but until the moment the spaceframe are being considered salvageable. The seats are a total loss.


Pilot Dioly Kerman filed a VFR Flight Plan for the proposed flight as follows. "KSC Spaceport to KSC Spaceport, estimated departure time 0:01:00, requesting 90.000 meters high, estimating 650m/s TAS, with 0:15 hour ETE and 22 tons of LFO onboard. Solid fuel is present. Request priority on landing."

Personal of Weather Bureau Office at KSC stated they briefed the crew on the (ideal) weather conditions, necessary for the flight.