Kermas Sub-Orbital Space Tourism Vehicle :: Fully Recoverable Boosters

Spacecraft Accident Report

Investigatiom page 2

Karmas/SOSTV-01 taxied to runway 27 on time, but had to hold waiting for the cleaning of debris due yet another Jebediah's unorthodox landing procedures.

Transcription from the flight recorder:

T-0y,0d,00:05:12 Copilot Leadrin Kerman: __ Dioly, the battery level is going critical on the cryogenics, we need to start the engines soon - the APU is not holding up. The cryotanks doesn't have too much time.

T-0y,0d,00:05:03 Pilot Dioly Kerman: __ Roger that.

T-0y,0d,00:05:01 Pilot Dioly Kerman: __ Tower, Kermas/SOSTV-01 . How is the cleaning? We are running out of time due the cryogenics. We are on a countdown for ABORT. Kermas/SOSTV-01

T-0y,0d,00:04:46 ATC: __ Karmas/SOSTV-01 , KSC ATC. They just informed us the cleaning is finished, they are removing equipment from the runway at the moment. ET 0105. KSC ATC.

T-0y,0d,00:04:43 Copilot Leadrin Kerman: __ About 30 seconds short before we need to vent the tanks.

T-0y,0d,00:04:40 Pilot Dioly Kerman: __ Vent the tanks at T-5 secs, Leadrin, don't wait my call. If I manage to fire up the engines before that, good. It not, too bad - the tourists will not go to space today.