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Spacecraft Accident Report

Investigatiom page 5

The speed run proceeded uneventful, besides somewhat below the expected airspeed for that point of the runway.

The silence on the cabin appears to indicate stress on the crew, but the lack of communication on a otherwise talkative crew implies that the crew was not aware of any new event worthy of being mentioned.

The investigative board could not reach consensus if the crew should had aborted the takeoff at this point. Besides the craft being still below V1 (and so, taking off could be safely aborted), this is the point of the runway in which the craft should had reached V1.

Interviews with the pilots revealed that both were confident that the rockets would allow the craft to takeoff at the end of the runway as expected, even if slightly below the optimum airspeed. "The whole program works with tight margins of safety, Space is unforgiven and don't give us any slack for the comfort of mind." Said one. "There's no point of increasing the chances of surviving a bad event if it's unavoidably followed by a unsurvivable one.", said the other, "in the end it's all OK or nothing is Ok - no middle ground."

Again, the investigative board could not reach consensus on the matter.