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Spacecraft Accident Report

Investigatiom page 3

As the time runs out, tension was detected on the crew. The clearance was given before the cryogenics had to be vented, but an error on the computer systems put yet more pressure on the already stressed crew, inducing to a decision that became the first event of the chain that leaded to the accident.

The Aircraft Flight Manual have no procedures for taking off with the FADEC (Full Authoritative Digital Electronics Control) overridden. Further investigations revealed that such procedure was informally stablished by Jebediah Kerman, a known vocal critic of full authoritative controllers, when he acted as Test Pilot for the craft.

Transcription from the flight recorder:

T-0y,0d,00:00:58 Copilot Leadrin Kerman: __ Dioly, we are running out of electrical power a bit faster than the computer estimated. Venting the tanks in 10... 9...

T-0y,0d,00:00:55 ATC: __ Karmas/SOSTV-01 , KSC ATC. Clear to immediate takeoff.

T-0y,0d,00:00:54 Copilot Leadrin Kerman: __ ABOUT TIME!!

T-0y,0d,00:00:53 Pilot Dioly Kerman: __ Tower, Kermas/SOSTV-01 . Roger. Kermas/SOSTV-01.

T-0y,0d,00:00:50 Pilot Dioly Kerman: __ Leadrin, override the FADEC. Full throttle. We need some juice on that cryotanks!

T-0y,0d,00:00:49 Copilot Leadrin Kerman: __ Roger. Starting checklist for the Turbofan startup.

T-0y,0d,00:00:25 Copilot Leadrin Kerman: __ Starting up the Turbofan.

T-0y,0d,00:00:15 Copilot Leadrin Kerman: __ Turbofan is online. RPM is stable. Turning alternator on. Throttle to 25%.

T-0y,0d,00:00:10 Copilot Leadrin Kerman: __ Alterantor is stable, cryogenics are green, tanks' pressure are nominal.

T-0y,0d,00:00:3 Copilot Leadrin Kerman: __ Applying full throttle. RPM is raising slowly but steadily. Release the breaks on my mark... 3... 2... MARK.

T+0y,0d,00:00:00 Pilot Dioly Kerman: __ Tower, Kermas/SOSTV-01 . We are rolling. Kermas/SOSTV-01.