Kermas Sub-Orbital Space Tourism Vehicle :: Fully Recoverable Boosters

Spacecraft Accident Report

Investigation page 6

Confidence is restored on the cabin, crew is cheerful again. The investigative board found no unexpected event worth of being mentioned.

The records confirms the Pilots' predictions, with the spacecraft reaching a precarious, but yet effective, airspeed for takeoff.

Transcription from the flight recorder:

T+0y,0d,00:00:43 Copilot *Leadrin Kerman*: __ PNR - It's now or never!

T+0y,0d,00:00:44 Pilot *Dioly Kerman*: __ Engaging rockets... NOW.

T+0y,0d,00:00:44 Copilot *Leadrin Kerman*: __ Yuppie!! I love this.

T+0y,0d,00:00:46 Pilot *Dioly Kerman*: __ Fly with Jeb and say that again!