Kermas Sub-Orbital Space Tourism Vehicle :: Fully Recoverable Boosters

Spacecraft Accident Report


This report examined the sequence of chained events that leaded to the crash of the L Aerospace Kermas/SOSTV-01 at KSC on Year 1, Day 7, 00:10:35 UGT.

The analysis of the evidences and interviews shows communication flaws on and between the development and operating processes of the craft that severed the opportunities to prevent the accident. The Pilots' training was found inadequate to detect and mitigate the key events what could had prevented the sinister. The Pilots' judgments were found appropriate (subject to exceptions).

Improvements are needed on the spacecraft's performance on taking of. The survivability of the main hull and crew protection from impacts were considered exemplar.

Opportunities for improvement on the KSC situational awareness and emergency hardware were also observed. The lack of proper maritime parts on the current game installment was pinpointed as the root cause of the delays imposed of the accident victims - that are still there.