Kermas Sub-Orbital Space Tourism Vehicle :: Fully Recoverable Boosters

Spacecraft Accident Report


Based on the main findings of this report, it is recommended that:

  • L Aerospace should cease comercial operations for the Kermas Sub-Orbital line of vehicles until:
    • The air intake limitations while full thrusting when stationary are eliminated.
    • Near ground usable additional thrusters or more powerful versions of the current ones, are deployed to enhance the safety margins of the take off.
    • The FADEC internals are fully documented and disclosed to the pilots, with proper training and Spacecraft Flight Manual's procedures and checklists updated.
    • The Abort System be revised to better cope with different emergency situations.
    • Mobile power supply vehicles for the spacecraft be developed, implanted and operational in the facilities used for takeoff and landing.
  • The Space Industry, KSC and in special the Game installment, should:
    • Allow multiple Abort System Configurations to be selectable by the different phases of the flight.
    • Provide infra-structure and procedures for in situ power supply to the spacecraft while stationary on the runway.
    • Provide updated and more available maritime parts for rescue ships
    • Provide adequate docking infra-structure for such ships.