Kermas Sub-Orbital Space Tourism Vehicle :: Fully Recoverable Boosters

Spacecraft Accident Report

Investigation page 10

The investigative board found no unexpected event worth of being mentioned.

Transcription from the flight recorder:

T+0y,0d,00:01:26 Copilot Leadrin Kerman: __ We are alive!

T+0y,0d,00:01:27 Pilot Dioly Kerman: __ Bill Kerman, you crazy engineer, I love you!

T+0y,0d,00:01:27 Pilot Dioly Kerman: __ Leadrin, status report.

T+0y,0d,00:01:30 Copilot Leadrin Kerman: __ Diagnostics are online and fully operational; Life Support online and partially operational - we are ok for some time; Hull integrity is ok, no detectable breaches; Engines are offline; Flight Computer are offline; Alternators are offline; Main batteries are offline - we are on emergency power supply; Communications are online and operational.

T+0y,0d,00:01:32 Copilot Leadrin Kerman: __ We are pretty fine, given the circumstances - I will kiss that Bill Kerman once we are home, after smacking their ass out for this mess, of course.