Circumnavigation on Kerbin-Rescaled to 2.5

Heading North, 20° pitch up. FULL THROTTLE, baby! Let's touch the skies! :)

I lost the screenshots of the ascent, but in a nutsheel:

  • Keep 20° pitch up until the Rapiers gets above 2.0 TWR.
  • Carefully raise the pitch to ~50°
    • any abrupt movement and you are toast.
  • At 20.000M high, carefully start to drop the pitch until ~5 to 10°.
  • At 29.000M high, level and gather speed. Climb 500 meters every time your airspeed reaches about 1450 to 1500 m/s.
    • Mind the FAT-455 internal heat. It reaches about 970°K on the whole mission, and this thing blows up at 1200. You lose altitude too fast, you are history.