Circumnavigation on Kerbin-Rescaled to 2.5

Mission Report

The mission was executed without any major mishaps, but some opportunities for improvement were found:

  • Improvements on the heat management is needed.
  • The craft landed with a considerable amount of fuel left, hinting that we don't need the drop tanks used on taking off from KSP.
  • Since the Kerbin's Atmosphere is static, regular ~0.75° correction to the starboard each minute is needed to land on KSP on the next mission.
  • NavUtilities need to have the Dessert Airfield data fixed...
  • Early bird is not working on rescaled Kerbin.
  • Air-breaks are considered insufficient, as well roll authority on lower airspeeds.
  • Installing radiators for the crew cabin will be probably a good idea, as the crew and PAX cannot disembark until the craft is cool enough to avoid skin burns and the radiators will speed the cool down.
    • Such appliances would probably demand more powerful Electrical Generators
      • ODFC will be probably a better choice for this.
    • For while, the crew will need to sing to keep the PAX entertained in the mean time. :D

Still a long way from something similar on Earth (Kerbin is ~1/10 the size of Earth), but yet way more fun than trying it on Stock Kerbin.